State Senator Regina Birdsell was recently recognized as the 2019 NH-CTE Advocate of the Year. According to Doug Cullen of Pinkerton Academy, Senator Birdsell represents everything a CTE Center wants from an advocate in Government: a supporter, voice-in-Concord and always-present. She frequently attends events offering encouragement to not only students but also to faculty and staff assuring us ‘she has our back’ when it’s time to vote to support CTE programming and related initiatives.

Senator Birdsell is:

  • a veteran supporting students and events that celebrate alternative post-secondary education paths for students including military service
  • a host of her own local TV show that has in the past advocated for progressive education programs encouraging bridge-building between industry and education.
  • a supporter of creative education bills, including SB-8, to help communities with limited education resources gain greater education equality
  • a fighter against Common Core Standards which have been frequently criticized by national organizations and media for their ineffectiveness * a supporter of, and guest on, Derry’s own “Bridges to Success” local TV show that celebrates avenues to connect students to industry

Senator Birdsell is a continual and steadfast voice of reason, and if necessary of action, encouraging industry leaders to work collaboratively with educators for the benefit of student success and enhancement of New Hampshire’s economy. Congratulations to Senator Birdsell!