“Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the
21st Century Act” Conducted by Michael Brustein, Esq.

This workshop will track all of the substantive changes from the current law to the new law. Transition Plans will take effect on July 1, 2019. So much needs to be done between now and the time the State submits its Plan to OCTAE, and the locals submit their plans and local needs assessment to the State (as to how federal funds will be used to reduce the gaps in the state determined levels of performance).
The accountability provisions have changed, as well as the definition of CTE, programs of study, and special populations. Where will the resources come from to support the new stakeholder input on accountability? Will LEAs and colleges receive less funding due to the reserve increase to 15%? What are the new mandates on reserve funds? Is there more flexibility on the use of CTE funds for CTSO
activities? How will the new foundation formula impact states with reduced population counts? You’ll get the answers to these and other questions at the workshop, in addition to a comparison between the new and old law.

Date:       October 30, 2018
Time:         8:30 am to Noon

Location:  Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Auditorium
215 Fitchburg Street  Marlboro, MA 01752

Cost:        $175. per person.

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