2020 Workforce Series Kicks Off

2Recently, the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association (NHLRA) launched its 2020 Workforce Series, which is geared specifically toward the hospitality and tourism industry. In the first event, NH Human Trafficking Hospitality Industry Awareness Training, [...]

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In June, Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC) and Conval High School in Peterborough will host AMPED on Algebra, a workshop for teachers that underscores an important concept behind Career and Technical Education (CTE) itself. [...]

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‘Cooking Up’ Success at Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery

‘For young people looking to get their foot through the proverbial door of the culinary industry, there may be no better opportunity than the Cook Apprenticeship Program at Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery in Raymond. “We [...]

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Workforce shortage necessitates creative recruitment strategies

MFLike many states, New Hampshire is experiencing difficulty filling available jobs in what are broadly referred to as ‘the trades,’ which has one business owner “thinking outside the box.” “Rather than posting jobs on job [...]

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Engineering The Future

EAt Milford High School & Applied Technology Center (ATC), educational experiences in Engineering has opened up possibilities for several students, including junior Veronica Sillerico and senior Matthew Hannon. “I took Engineering Design to get a better [...]

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NHJES Annual Conference Highlights Diversity in Engineering

On October 2, the New Hampshire Joint Engineering Societies (NHJES) held its 13th Annual Conference, highlighted by a live demonstration from students from St. Thomas Aquinas in Derry. “They were able to demonstrate the skill of [...]

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