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Career & Technical Education is…

College & Career Readiness

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  • Career and Academic Coursework
  • Embedded Core Academic Credits
  • Professional Skills
  • Dual and Concurrent Enrollment
  • Integrated Secondary and Post-Secondary Opportunities
  • Post-Secondary Planning

Technical/Experiential Education

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  • Career Pathways
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Student Enterprises
  • Industry Recognized Credentials
  • Apprenticeships/Internships
  • Responsiveness to Economic Needs

Rigorous Education

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  • Lab-based/Real World Classrooms
  • Flipped Classroom Model
  • Industry Partnerships

New Hampshire Career & Technical Centers


CTE Culinary Program Helps Students Develop Skills Outside The Classroom

When people think of culinary programs offered at New Hampshire’s more than two-dozen Career and Technical Education (CTE) centers, they likely think of skills related to food preparation, which only tells part of the story. “CTE helped prepare me for industry in many...

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Program Puts Students in the Field

One of the main objectives behind Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to provide high-school students with real-world learning opportunities as they prepare for college and a career. This focus on experiential learning has led to the development of Law Enforcement...

CTE Students Represent An Important Employment Pipeline for Hospitality and Tourism

On Tuesday, May 25, the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association (NHLRA) will host an in-person Hospitality and Tourism Job Fair for the Southern New Hampshire region. It is an event particularly suited for high school students at any one of the state’s 28...

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