Making the Case for Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Loosely defined as the thought processes involved in formulating problems and expressing solutions in ways that can be carried out by computers, computational thinking is not just relevant for computer science. This hypothesis has been [...]

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The Employment Gap and Importance of CTE

Should a business owner ever turn down work? If you own a business in what is broadly referred to as “the trades,” the answer is probably yes, which Al Lawrence, owner of Artisan Electric in [...]

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NHJES offers unique opportunity for students

Reflecting its mission “to provide education, leadership, and support for the profession of Engineering across all disciplines of practice,” the New Hampshire Joint Engineering Societies (NHJES) is inviting students to its annual fall conference in [...]

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Educators Creating ‘Pathway’ to Success at MST

While academic debates still persist regarding whether today's student requires more hands-on training or academic rigor to succeed as an adult, such discussions miss a key point. “There is a real career to be had [...]

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Nothing “soft” about skills displayed at NH ProStart Invitational

Although often referred to as “soft,” teamwork, communication, problem solving and critical thinking are skills in high demand in the workplace today, which makes the NH ProStart Invitational so unique. Held in early March at [...]

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Teen Safety To Take Center Stage

On May 29th, a packed house is expected at Pinkerton Academy from 6 to 9 pm in the Stockbridge Theatre for the first annual SAFETEEN Awards and Film Festival. At the event, awards will be [...]

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