Reflections at the Start of the School Year

First and foremost and speaking for our our NHCTA / NH-CTE Board, we want to affirm our pride in--and admiration of--the NH-CTE community. It is an exciting time and certainly a moment to promote ourselves [...]

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Connecting the Dots with NHLRA

In 2017, the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association (NHLRA) attended several sessions at the annual CTE Summer Conference to better understand the CTE model, which led to increased involvement at the same event this [...]

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Framing Learning Around What Interest Students

As part of the Creative Computing Challenge (CCC), a five-year program funded by the National Science Foundation, teachers at two Career & Technical Centers in NH this past year engaged students in creating their own [...]

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Workshop on the New Perkins V

“Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act” Conducted by Michael Brustein, Esq. This workshop will track all of the substantive changes from the current law to the new law. Transition Plans will take effect [...]

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Teacher receives STEM MVP Award

Not one to promote himself, Frank Xydias, high school engineering teacher at Milford High School, acknowledged surprise when he learned that a student--or several --nominated him for the iRobot -STEM -MVP teacher of the year [...]

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Making the Case for Computational Thinking in the Classroom

Loosely defined as the thought processes involved in formulating problems and expressing solutions in ways that can be carried out by computers, computational thinking is not just relevant for computer science. This hypothesis has been [...]

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