On April 13, approximately 300 people are expected to attend the 2nd Annual Career Fair, which this year will also include the general public in addition to students. 20 vendors will be in attendance.

2017_job fair flyer-1According to Pinkerton Academy’s Manager of Career Services, Doug Cullen, the purpose behind the fair is two-fold. It provides younger high school students with a greater awareness of businesses in their community and gives older high school students and the general public the opportunity to connect with hiring employers and resume writing professionals.

“We want to assure the community knows how important it is to bring employers together with students as a natural part of the education process,” he said. “It’s also a chance for the people in our community looking for employment to see Pinkerton Academy as a resource to make connections.”

He said the fair was intentionally placed just hours before the Southern N.H. College Fair in the Hackler Gymnasium so students and adults could have their resume reviewed and refined. He noted they can also meet with staffing agencies and employers with the possibility to secure on-the-spot an employment interview. Additionally, attendees can meet with colleges to enroll in a course-of-study that supports their future employment career pathway “all in one day on one campus.”

As for how the day will unfold, he said Pinkerton students will arrive at 11:30am and can select to immediately meet with vendors or attend a workshop at 11:45am on resume writing courtesy of the MAHRA. Students with resumes can have them “tweaked” at the Resume Review booth also courtesy of MAHRA. At 12:30pm, school will end and the process will repeat for the general public in attendance at 1:00pm with the first Resume Writing session at 1:30pm. The event will end by 3:30pm.

“Other schools have been invited, too, starting at 1:00pm,” Cullen said.

Jennifer Haskins, Career and Technical Education Director added, “The Career Fair scheduled here at Pinkerton Academy is a great way to give our students the ability to continue moving along their career pathway and start to plan beyond high school. These pathways could be college, career certifications, apprenticeships or going directly into the workforce. The students here at Pinkerton have an opportunity to network within their career fields with not only employers that are currently hiring, but those that are looking for future hires.”

She said some of the career pathways represented have tuition reimbursement, signing bonuses and provide the ability to move up within the company.

“These are all strong characteristics to consider while students move along this pathway and decide how they are going to continue to learn within their career of choice,” she said.

The fair will be followed by the Southern N.H. College Fair in the Hackler Gymnasium at 6:00pm where attendees can meet more than 100 colleges and participate in workshops on best practices in planning financial aid for college.

“Students can obtain information about leading GAP Year vendors, or understand how to articulate from New Hampshire’s community colleges to our university system in simple, easy steps,” said Cullen.

Lynne Lonergan, Director of Pinkerton Academy’s Adult Education Center, added, “This is also a fantastic opportunity to make connections with our Adult Education students who are ready and willing to learn about specific job tasks and the ‘soft skills’ required for success by becoming a Career Mentor.”

Kristy Butler, incoming Director of School Counseling, said the Career Fair is an exciting opportunity for Pinkerton Students of all ages. For those who are preparing to graduate, she said it will connect students with employers and allow them an opportunity to have their resumes fine-tuned.

“Younger students can learn about what employers are looking for, or the fair might present an opportunity for part-time work or internships,” she said. “We want our students to be involved with ‘real life’ employers, employers who can offer feedback to our students while they also learn about what our students have to offer them as future employees with valuable skills.”

The Fair is sold out; so companies looking to register for the 3rd Annual Career Fair in 2018 should contact Cullen at dcullen@pinkertonacademy.org or 603.437.5200 x1141 to reserve a booth soon.