May 2018 will be the first annual New Hampshire Health Care Month!  What is New Hampshire Health Care Month?  Middle school and high school students are invited to tour various health care industries throughout the state. The goal of New Hampshire Health Care Month is to generate interest about careers in health care. What is a day in the life like? What career paths are available? What preparation is needed to get there? Let’s inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals!

For more information, visit click here.  To have your middle or high school students participate in NH Health Care Month, complete the registration form by the Thursday, March 15th deadline.  Once registrations are received, the New Hampshire Health Care Association will schedule the industry tour(s) and provide an email introduction to the main contact at the facilities that you are partnered with for NH Health Care Month activities.

Questions regarding New Hampshire Health Care Month can be directed to Roxie Severance, Workforce Advisor at the New Hampshire Health Care Association.