On Thursday, May 11, more than 50 people attended an Art Show at Seacoast School of Technology (SST) in Exeter. Organized by seniors Alice “Doc” Rimkunas Nickerson and Kayleigh Lemire, who are in the Digital Media Arts program at SST, the show featured the work of students from all 12 programs offered at the school.

“We wanted to show off the entirety of what SST does,” said Doc, who noted the art gallery was originally just going to feature the creative work of students in the Digital Media Arts program.

“We thought it would benefit us and the school more if we had art from every department,” she added.

As for the kinds of work displayed at the show, Kayleigh said some were photos of people in engaged in their work in their respective programs. She said a student from the Welding Technologies program provided them with a sculpture that was welded together.

According to Doc, the more subtle intent behind broadening the work featured at the show was to put a spotlight on each program, some of whom are lesser known in the school and out in the community.

“There are some incredible programs here—this was a way to get people to learn more about them,” she said. “It also showed that everything could be art.”

In total, 50 individual pieces were displayed at the event at which food and drink were also provided. Kayleigh added that the Art Show also necessitated that they promote it.

“We created press statements and flyers and other things that we sent out,” she said. “We put it out there to SST and to the schools that send students here.”

Seacoast School of Technology serves high school students from Epping High School, Exeter High School, Newmarket High School, Raymond High School, Sanborn Regional High School, and Winnacunnet High School.

Noting they coordinated and planned the entire event as well, Doc said they successfully executed it due to dividing up the tasks between them. She said the event was not without its challenges, however.

“Some departments had less participation—it was a harder sell for them to send us pieces,” she said. “I’m happy that we were able to get every department to at least provide one piece.”

During the process of planning the event, Kayleigh created a documentary.

“I documented the whole thing—getting all the art pieces, organizing everything and showing the before and after at the show,” she said. “I also captured the gallery itself and the art.”

Noting she will attend Emerson College in the fall to study Film Production, Kayleigh summed up her experience at SST by expressing appreciation for what she learned there.

“Before I came here, I had no idea what I was going to do [for a career],” she said. “After taking these classes, I figured out that film-making is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

For Doc, who will attend the NH Institute of Art in the fall to study comic books, her experience at SST has provided tangible benefits that will pay immediate benefits.

“I know how to make things digitally on the computer and I have marketable skills,” she said. “I have certifications and the knowledge to get a job before I break into my career.”

As for what she would advise any student considering SST or any other Career and Technical Center in the state, Doc said it was the best decision she has made while in school.

“You learn so much practical knowledge,” she said. “You learn so much and have a good time doing it. You can go right into a job, too, and earn money while in school—it makes so much sense.”