First and foremost and speaking for our our NHCTA / NH-CTE Board, we want to affirm our pride in–and admiration of–the NH-CTE community. It is an exciting time and certainly a moment to promote ourselves as a powerful and worthy option for high school students.

Key Theme
If there was one big picture theme for this academic school year, it would be: college and career readiness. For years as a culture, this concept has really been disproportionately focused on metrics aligned to “college readiness” rather than “career.” This model is not sustainable: not enough young adults are not making the gains they need to gain career employment; nor are enough businesses benefiting from a diverse and prepared workforce.

The state, and the country for that matter, has awoken–much to the credit of the CTE community (schools, post-secondary, industry, students, parents, friends.)–to realize that a more strategic and balanced approach to college and career readiness is needed. CTE is well positioned at this crossroads given our strategic initiatives over the past decade or more.

Your NHCTA / NH-CTE Board has been working hard to keep us “at the table” and promote our relevance (and agenda) to the state’s overall educational model. It is a worthy endeavor led by volunteers who consider themselves passionate stewards of NH-CTE.


  • The NH State School Board approved an alternative ALT IV route that does not require the Praxis, but is instead based on a candidate’s licensure and/or industry certification to demonstrate their “basic skills.” (special thanks to Bruce Farr and Barney Keenan)
  • The NH Scholars State Board approved a fourth state designation called “Career Pathway,” which is almost ready for a pilot run this year. The criteria aligns beautifully to CTE priorities.
  • The promotion of work-based learning (WBL) statewide through a partnership with the National Governors Association.
  • The governor and legislature’s continued support of CTE center renovations: Salem and Dover opened this year, and Rochester, Alvirne, and Plymouth are in the works.
  • Sustained efforts to partner with groups like the ELO network, The Alliance, NHCBE, and CCSNH to promote mutual interests to students and parents.
  • The Bureau of Career Development support of upgrades to our competencies.
    Our Board sponsoring statewide NH-CTE awards for excellence. We will celebrate key players, including teachers and industry partners to career counselors.
  • The NH Senate continuing to support the SB190 CTE Focus Workgroup to create the most supportive environment, including through RSA’s, for CTE to flourish.

I offer a virtual shout out to the Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut, Deputy Commissioner Christine Brennan and DOE division heads Heather Gage, Caitlin Davis and Michael Seidel. In addition, I also thank two staff members, Bill Ross and Amanda Noyes from credentialing, each of whom have been extremely professional in their collaboration with NH-CTE. This is a positive time for us and their genuine support for CTE has been remarkable.

The one area in which we challenge our community is developing a comprehensive approach to cluster-based program development. This goes beyond professional development – it is team focused. We have had our fits and starts over the past few years and not enough gains have been made.

We are open to all ideas that help NH-CTE teachers create quality networks based on best practices to improve student performance. I credit the staff of the Bureau of Career Development and consultant Dr. Kathy McCabe for their collective efforts this summer at the 2nd annual NH-CTE conference. We still, however, have have a ways to go and the path is very tough to define.

Looking Ahead
Finally, our NHCTE / NH-CTE Executive Director Christine Carr has entered her 2nd year. She took a year to travel throughout and learn our community, and now she has come forth to author and implement a new focused vision for NH-CTE.

She is certainly challenging us. We will share details soon, but I would summarize that her proposal, which is supported by our board, is both bold and logical. This is a time for us to be ambitious.

I hope 2018/19 is your finest year. Please feel free to contact me or our board with any questions, concerns or (even) a willingness to be a part of our efforts. Also contact us at with any great story leads. The NH-CTE story needs to told regularly!

Steve Rothenberg, NHCTA/NH-CTE President

President Steve Rothenberg, Concord
Vice President Chris Dodge, Salem
Treasurer Al Smith, Littleton
Secretary Jen Haskins, Pinkerton
Bruce Farr, Wolfeboro
Amanda Bastoni, Nashua
Bonnie Ackerman, Newport
Lisa Danley, Dover

Executive Director Christine Carr
Administrative Support: Debbi Cox