Earlier this month, the federal Department of Education (ED) released a new set of responses to frequently asked questions regarding the implementation of the Perkins Act. Three new questions were included in the new set (Version 5.0), including information on academic courses, school-based businesses and equity activities. The specific new questions are listed below, and answers can be found beginning on page 46 of the compiled Q and As.

  • May Perkins IV funds be used to pay for the costs of academic courses in secondary schools?
  • What is program income?
  • May Perkins IV subrecipients earn program income?
  • Does earning program income impact the Perkins IV allocation subgrantees receive from the State under sections 131 and 132 of Perkins IV?
  • What are State agencies’ responsibilities under the Methods of Administration (MOA) program and may Perkins IV funds be used to pay for the costs of conducting the activities required under the MOA program?

It is important to note that the new answers serve as non-regulatory guidance, that while classified as “significant,” is non-binding and is not designed to create or impose new legal requirements.